Profiles with Christian and Islamic symbols

The Religion Of Daryush Valizadeh

Daryush’s father is Muslim while his mother is Orthodox Christian (Armenian branch). He was baptized in an Armenian Christian Church in Washington DC when he was young. He has shown sympathies in public towards Christianity:

His movement, neomasculinity, believes that men should follow religion:

In spite of the faults of organized religion, believers pursue a moral code that has been tested and refined for hundreds of years, giving it far more weight and value than Western consumerism and hedonism, a relatively modern invention. While the scientific conclusions of atheism can provide some answers of our reality, such a purely logical set of beliefs will lack the traditional and heuristic components that aid man with living well today, leaving them with a value system of Swiss cheese that allows skilled profiteers and propagandists to fill the holes.

He has criticized Islam in the past:

Our conclusion: Roosh is agnostic with more sympathy to Christianity than Islam.