How Many Women Has Daryush Valizadeh Slept With?

Daryush has not shared the total number of women he has slept with, but there is a minimum that we can establish.

His book, 30 Bangs, details him having sex with 30 women. He gives them nicknames like The Train, The Artist, and The Raw Dog.


His travel book and blogs also have approximately 25 additional sex stories, such as the story called She Said She Wanted A Serious Relationship, which details him having sex with a Polish girl who said she wanted a relationship but then had sex with him on the same night they met.

He was asked in a press conference how many women he has slept with. This was his answer:

A lot. I have been with a lot, but that’s not relevant to the current matter at hand. But thank you.

Assuming Daryush is telling the truth in his stories, we can safely assume that he has had sex with at least 55 women, but we do not know the true number.