The True Story Of Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh

Daryush Valizadeh was born in Washington DC on June 14, 1979. His parents immigrated to the United States before he was born. His father is Iranian and his mother is Armenian. English was the primary language in the household.

Daryush grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, one of the wealthiest counties in America during the 1990’s. After his parents divorced, him and his sister lived with their mother. In high school, one of his friends started calling him “Roosh.” The name stuck, and he continues to be called that to this day.

Daryush attended the University Of Maryland at College Park and studied microbiology. While in school, he became fascinated with the internet and created simple web pages after studying the HTML coding language. One of the pages he created was a simple blog that he updated once a day. It received less than 100 visitors per day.

The university that Daryush attended
The university that Daryush attended

Towards the end of college, Daryush was frustrated with his sex life. He didn’t have confidence in himself and didn’t know how to flirt with women. He decided that he wanted to fix this problem to be able to sleep with any woman he desired, so he began studying “game” on the internet to help him accomplish his goal.

After he graduated from university in 2001, he started learning how to talk to women in bars and clubs by walking up to them and starting a conversation. He learned how to dance and show the best parts of his personality. He also learned how to accept rejection. Daryush shared his stories on a new web site called “Rooshlog” (now closed).

By 2004, Daryush was employed as a microbiologist in a Maryland pharmaceutical company. He soon opened a new web site called DC Bachelor, which shared more of his dating tips and stories. He had a small following that mostly lived in the Washington DC area. His site was receiving approximately 300 hits a day.

The year 2007 was a big year for Daryush. He released his first book called Bang and quit his job as a microbiologist to travel through South America. Two years later, he published four additional books. One was a memoir of his experience called A Dead Bat In Paraguay and three were dating guides for Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina that taught men how to have sex with girls from those countries. Around this time, he closed DC Bachelor and opened, which is still active today. He never worked as a microbiologist again.


His success on the internet started to grow. His web page became popular and news stories started to write profiles on him as a “pick up artist.” Around this time, the feminist movement in the United States started to successfully spread their ideas of the “gender wage gap” and “rape culture.” Up to that time, pick-up artists like Daryush were not heavily criticized by feminists, but now those feminists were changing the definition of consensual sex so that practically all instances of sex could somehow be considered rape. Daryush would soon face heavy attack.

In 2011, Daryush went to Iceland. The two web sites he had that year were Roosh V and Roosh V Forum. For the next several years, he lived in many European countries and wrote dating guides on seven of them. These are the European countries that Roosh wrote books on, which are all still available for sale:

The liberal media in Iceland and Denmark reacted harshly against his books and began calling them “rape guides,” even though his sex advice was legal and no different than the dozens of other dating books you can find in any bookstore. He started to be deeply hated by feminists, homosexuals, and transsexuals, who would obsessively read all his books and writings to find evidence of “rape culture.”

The mistake that Daryush made was how he wrote about sex in his books. He gave explicit details on his sex experiences that made him seem aggressive and dominant. He did this because he wanted to be seen as famous sex writers like Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski. He did become famous, but not in the way he intended. His enemies began quoting deceptive excerpts of sex stories to try to convince others that he was a rapist.

In a Washington DC press conference, Daryush stated that he exaggerated the details of his sex stories to make himself more “macho” with the goal of earning more money. He vehemently denied the allegations and stated that his enemies want to accuse all men of rape. As of this writing in March 2016, he not been charged or detained for any crime.

In 2012, Daryush opened the web site Return Of Kings, where he invited other masculine writers to share their ideas. This is the year that Daryush started to move from being a pick-up artist to leading a movement of masculinity that he later called “neomasculinity.” He created the Poznan Institute to develop neomasculinity (he came up with the idea while living in the Polish city of Poznan).

Poznan Institute (logo)-narrow

For subsequent years, he spent most of his time building Return Of Kings and traveling to other European countries such as Romania, Croatia, and Russia. He was written about in the news regularly. A Wikipedia article was made about him.

In 2015, he wrote an article called “How To Stop Rape,” which he stated was a satirical thought experiment. In the article, he claims that rape would be reduced if it were made legal, a suggestion he said is “absurd” and not meant to be taken seriously. Nonetheless, his enemies lied about the article and said that he was in fact being serious. They started calling him a “rape advocate” and “rape proponent.”

By attempting to teach men not to rape, what we have actually done is teach women not to care about being raped, not to protect themselves from easily preventable acts, and not to take responsibility for their actions. At the same time, we don’t hesitate to blame men for bad things that happen to them (if right now you walked into a dangerous ghetto and got robbed, you would be called an idiot and no one would say “teach ghetto kids not to steal”).

In 2016, Daryush tried to organize international meetups on Return Of Kings. The media all around the world stated the meetups were for teaching rape, an accusation that Daryush denied. The event listing of the meetup stated that it was for men to meet over beers and talk about life, women, and politics. Over, 1,600 articles were written about Daryush in February 2016.


Daryush now has several web sites that reach over 1 million people every month. They receive over 200,000 page views per day. He makes his living through his books and advertising on his web sites.

He is currently living in either Poland, Ukraine, or Russia, though he does visit his family in the United States frequently.

The Religion Of Daryush Valizadeh

Daryush’s father is Muslim while his mother is Orthodox Christian (Armenian branch). He was baptized in an Armenian Christian Church in Washington DC when he was young. He has shown sympathies in public towards Christianity:

His movement, neomasculinity, believes that men should follow religion:

In spite of the faults of organized religion, believers pursue a moral code that has been tested and refined for hundreds of years, giving it far more weight and value than Western consumerism and hedonism, a relatively modern invention. While the scientific conclusions of atheism can provide some answers of our reality, such a purely logical set of beliefs will lack the traditional and heuristic components that aid man with living well today, leaving them with a value system of Swiss cheese that allows skilled profiteers and propagandists to fill the holes.

He has criticized Islam in the past:

Our conclusion: Roosh is agnostic with more sympathy to Christianity than Islam.

30 Countries That Daryush Valizadeh Has Been To

Here is a list of all the countries that Daryush has been to, based on an examination of his travel books and blog. We tried to list the countries in the order that he visited them (along with the cities he went to).

  1. Italy (Rome, Venice, Bologna, Siena, Naples)
  2. Venezuela (Caracas, Margarita Island, Merida)
  3. Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville)
  4. Ecuador (Quito, Cuenca)
  5. Bolivia (Copacabana, La Paz)
  6. Peru (Lima, Cusco)
  7. Chile (Santiago, Valparaiso)
  8. Argentina (Salta, Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario, Buenos Aires)
  9. Paraguay (La Paz)
  10. Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte)
  11. Uruguay (Montevideo, Punta del Diablo)
  12. Colombia (Cali, Medellin, Bogota)
  13. Iceland (Reykjavik)
  14. Denmark (Copenhagen)
  15. Poland (Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lublin)
  16. Estonia (Tallin, Tartu)
  17. Latvia (Riga)
  18. Lithuania (Kaunas)
  19. Finland (Helsinki)
  20. Sweden (Gothenburg)
  21. Norway (Oslo)
  22. Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa)
  23. Croatia (Zagreb, Hvar Island)
  24. Romania (Iasi, Bucharest)
  25. Moldova (Chisinau)
  26. Germany (Berlin)
  27. Russia (Tomsk, Moscow)
  28. England (London)
  29. Turkey (Alanya)
  30. Canada (Toronto, Montreal)

Out of the 30 countries in the above list, he’s only written books about 10 of them:

  1. Colombia
  2. Brazil
  3. Argentina
  4. Iceland
  5. Denmark
  6. Poland
  7. Estonia
  8. Latvia
  9. Lithuania
  10. Ukraine

After he published the book on Ukraine, he stated that he was not going to write any more travel guides.

Is Daryush Valizadeh A Rapist?

Daryush has been accused of rape by people on the internet because of sex stories that he has published on his blog and books. People who dislike him have cut-and-paste small excerpts of his writing as evidence that he has raped, but Daryush denies the accusations and claims he has never raped a woman. He states that his sex writing is exaggerated and “macho” in order to sell more of his books.

One short excerpt in his book Bang Iceland is often quoted to show he has raped a woman.

While walking to my place, I realized how drunk she was. In America, having sex with her would have been rape, since she couldn’t legally give her consent. It didn’t help matters that I was relatively sober, but I can’t say I cared or even hesitated.

I won’t rationalize my actions, but having sex is what I do. If a girl is willing to walk home with me, she’s going to get the dick no matter how much she has drunk. I’ll protect myself by using a condom (most of the time), but I know that when it comes to sex, one ounce of hesitation or a feeling of morality will get me nothing.

But as Daryush has noted, once this excerpt is expanded to include details that took place afterwards, it looks a lot less like rape than a drunken hookup that he embellished in order to get more attention.

I woke up first in the morning and looked over at her. I fully expected to be greeted by a beast, but I was pleasantly surprised that she actually looked better. I studied her face in the morning light and concluded that it was magnificent. She was the hottest Icelandic girl I had gotten with, and definitely in the top 10% of my all-time bangs. I pulled the covers down and examined her flawless creamy skin and her perfectly proportioned body with big tits and round ass. My dick was getting hard again and I gently poked her with it, fully expecting the typical awkward after-sex Icelandic vibe, but instead I was greeted with, “So you want to fuck again?”

Yes please!

Two more times we went, and by the end of it I had no semen left. Then we started to get to know each other. First we exchanged names, then ages, then professions. I’m pretty sure that guys know more about the prostitutes they fuck than I do about the Icelandic women I got with.

There are excerpts from other stories that show Daryush being dominant in bed by pulling a woman’s hair or spanking her butt, but many women enjoy rough sex so this does not appear to be a conclusive case of rape.

Daryush claims in a 2016 press conference that he was writing as a macho man to get attention for his writing.

People seem to make up their minds on whether he’s a rapist or not based on what they already believe. People who believe in liberal ideas and feminism will say he’s a rapist (along with most other heterosexual men). People who believe in conservative ideas or masculinity will say he’s not a rapist. In the end, it must be decided by a court or jury.

As of 2016, Daryush has not been formally accused of rape, charged with rape, or convicted of rape. No judicial system or woman have brought rape accusations against him. We will update this page if that ever happens.

In conclusion: is Daryush Valizadeh a rapist? Using a legal definition, no. There is no evidence that shows he legally committed rape.

How Many Women Has Daryush Valizadeh Slept With?

Daryush has not shared the total number of women he has slept with, but there is a minimum that we can establish.

His book, 30 Bangs, details him having sex with 30 women. He gives them nicknames like The Train, The Artist, and The Raw Dog.


His travel book and blogs also have approximately 25 additional sex stories, such as the story called She Said She Wanted A Serious Relationship, which details him having sex with a Polish girl who said she wanted a relationship but then had sex with him on the same night they met.

He was asked in a press conference how many women he has slept with. This was his answer:

A lot. I have been with a lot, but that’s not relevant to the current matter at hand. But thank you.

Assuming Daryush is telling the truth in his stories, we can safely assume that he has had sex with at least 55 women, but we do not know the true number.